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Charging Batteries with Solar
If you have ever wanted to know about charging a 6volt or 12volt battery with solar power you should check out Jeff Yago offers. His blog page is very helpful and easy to understand.

Deep Cycle Battery FAQs
Just knowing the terms "Starting, Marine, and Deep-Cycle Batteries" isn't enough. Learn more about the origin of batteries and what it takes to be a hard hitting deep cycle battery.
Starting (sometimes called SLI, for starting, lighting, ignition) batteries are commonly used to start and run engines.
Deep cycle batteries are designed to be discharged down as much as 80% time after time, and have much thicker plates.
Marine batteries are usually a "hybrid", and fall between the starting and deep-cycle batteries, though a few (Rolls-Surrette and Concorde, for example) are true deep cycle.

Shopping? Buy a 12 Volt Battery!
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The 12 Volt Battery
Click here to learn about the various types of 12 volt batteries commonly used in vehicles like semi-trucks, motorhomes and cars. You will find proper terminology and battery maintenance - care. With this you will have a better understanding of how to get the most out of your 12-volt battery.

Starter Battery
Lear more about the 12V starter battery from Wikipedia. Wikipedia is always a great source for information.