The 12 volt battery is more common than most people know. In fact, the majority of people don’t even know what 12 volt is. It’s funny when a person finds out that their car or truck is a live operating 12v dc system and they say, I’ve heard of 12 volt but never knew what it was.

Try explaining the difference between 12 volt and 110 volt power. That’s a hoot.

Here at 12 volt battery info we’ll assume that you know what 12 volt and 6 volt batteries are and what they’re commonly used for. We’ll cover the basics here on common uses that some folks may be unaware of and common wiring practices.

Truckers and Motor Home owners will most likely be aware of their battery bank situation. Most of these vehicles carry a pack of  6 volt or 12 volt deep cycle batteries on board.

If 6 volt batteries are in use in a 12 volt system there is a special wiring technique that is used to turn two 6 volt batteries into a single very deep capacity 12 volt battery. We’ll explain how in later articles.

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